Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year

Newsletter January 2020

The staff at Northwest Orthopedic Clinic/Proliance Surgeons, would like to wish everyone a happy new year. We trust that you had an enjoyable holiday season with your family’s. Many of you have new healthcare plans and we are hopeful that you will continue to seek orthopedic care through our office. As you are aware, Proliance Surgeons is contracted with most carriers throughout the Puget Sound Region. As a patient, you have the right to seek orthopedic care through our office and not an institution where you have been referred by you primary care physicians. If you have any questions concerning our ability to treat you, please feel free to contact our office for assistance in addressing this issue.

January and February are excellent months for adults needing reconstructive surgery. They are able to have surgery and complete their rehabilitation prior to their scheduled spring and summer family events and travel. Sports injuries continue throughout the winter with basketball, ice hockey, indoor soccer, and skiing. Again, we have emergency appointments available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for acute injuries that need immediate attention and x-ray. Again, you can schedule an appointment by calling the office or online through our website.

We look forward to serving all of you in 2020. We enjoy our personal service to you with immediate access to physician care through Dr. Clark. We are also happy to provide a second or third opinion on complex orthopedic issues or indications for revision surgery. These are often complicated issues and a second opinion can be reassuring to most patients. Finally, as a reminder, we do multiple sports injuries that require nonsurgical treatment. This includes bracing, physical therapy rehabilitation, biologic injections with platelet rich plasma, and a safe return to athletic play once orthopedically and medically stable for competition. These will all be discussed and tailored to your needs after being evaluated at our office.

Again, happy new year to all of our patients and friends. We appreciate the relationships that we have developed over the last 33 years of my practice. We look forward to serving you in 2020 and encourage you to make an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Herbert R. Clark, M.D.