Summer in the Northwest

Nothing is better than summer in Seattle and the Northwest. The Olympic and Cascade Mountains, and Puget Sound offer numerous outdoor adventures. My desire is to keep my orthopedic patients active and hopefully pain free, to enjoy the beautiful summer.

During the summer, I often see ligament injuries or sprains, over-use tendonitis, and fractures. Some fractures require surgical fixation, while other fractures can be simply managed in a cast. Bracing for ligamentous injuries is common, along with physical therapy rehabilitation and possibly platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. These are common treatment modalities that are offered through my practice.

Many orthopedic patients elect to have total knee, total hip, or total shoulder joint replacement surgery during the summer. These patients are interested in rehabilitating their new knee, hip, or shoulder before the winter, when they spend their time in the desert. Total joint surgery can easily be scheduled within one month of being seen in my office.

My practice continues to grow every year, due to early access and convenient on-line scheduling. There are no call centers or prolonged waiting times to be seen, evaluated, and have a treatment plan implemented. Please feel free to review all of the information provided to you on my web page.

My greatest satisfaction, as an orthopedic surgeon, comes from having patients who refer their family and friends to our office for their orthopedic issues. It is a pleasure to serve patients with competent and compassionate orthopedic care. My best wishes to all of you for an enjoyable summer in Seattle and the greater Northwest region.

Herbert R. Clark, M.D.