Patient Testimonial

Hear from Our Patients

“I’ve had two knee surgeries performed by Dr. Clark. Both outcomes were highly successful and I felt I was treated with utmost professionalism. Good Doc! Good Staff!” Healthgrades Review

“I went in for a shot of cortisone in each wrist for my carpal tunnel. Dr. Clark is outstanding. He is extremely knowledgeable and made the process quick and as painless as possible. I have been to 2 other doctors for this issue and neither was as professional as Dr. Clark. He also provided me with information on a new procedure which I was unaware of that is not as invasive as the normal surgery. I will be seeing him again for sure!” Google Review

“Dr. Clark has been a Godsend to me over the last 30 years! I have gone from a broken wrist to a hip replacement with complications and I wouldn’t go to anyone else! I feel he has saved my life, improved my mobility and always is very responsive to my concerns. Unfortunately he can’t work forever but I am grateful he has been there for me. His staff has always been very friend, helpful and informative. Everyone is very thorough and they follow through on everything even though I now live in Guatemala. I am return yet again for another surgery soon and know that everything will be alright!” Google Review

“Dr. Clark is an excellent provider. More importantly he wants to build a relationship with his patients. My relationship with him has grown since tremendously since I have been seeing him for knee issues since 1997. I have total and absolute trust in his judgment and expertise. I would recommend him to anyone looking for outstanding care and technique.” Healthgrades Review

“Dr. Clark is a unique physician in that he truly listens to patients and cares about my orthopaedic problems. His bedside manner while in the hospital after surgery made me feel at ease and I trusted that I was in good hands. The outcome from my total knee surgery has been A+ and my life has been changed because of it. Access to doctors is changing so rapidly and access to physicians with a high touch seems a bit of the past. Dr.clark has maintained his high touch and I am grateful for this.” Healthgrades Review

“I have gone to Dr. Clark for 15 yrs. I will continue as his patient as long as he still is practicing. He treats you as a person not a number and will spend enough time with you to answer all of your questions. I would recommend him to anyone.” Healthgrades Review

“Dr. Clark is a very gifted surgeon with an amazing bedside manner. Never gruff, always polite, never rushed, always wants you to be comfortable with every step. Takes the time.” Google Review

“My experience with Dr. Clark 6 years ago was excellent. He was courteous, made time to listen to what I had to say about my condition. I had two total knee replacements and throughout the whole procedure his kindness and knowledge was excellent. I had a complication with a blood clot and he spotted it straight away. He brought in a specialist to co-ordinate his medications with mine so no mistakes were made. I am going back 6 years later to see about my feet and hip. I have no hesitation in telling you that you can totally trust his expertise and his manner. He is a true gentleman…” Google Review