Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year

Newsletter January 2020

The staff at Northwest Orthopedic Clinic/Proliance Surgeons, would like to wish everyone a happy new year. We trust that you had an enjoyable holiday season with your family’s. Many of you have new healthcare plans and we are hopeful that you will continue to seek orthopedic care through our office. As you are aware, Proliance Surgeons is contracted with most carriers throughout the Puget Sound Region. As a patient, you have the right to seek orthopedic care through our office and not an institution where you have been referred by you primary care physicians. If you have any questions concerning our ability to treat you, please feel free to contact our office for assistance in addressing this issue.

January and February are excellent months for adults needing reconstructive surgery. They are able to have surgery and complete their rehabilitation prior to their scheduled spring and summer family events and travel. Sports injuries continue throughout the winter with basketball, ice hockey, indoor soccer, and skiing. Again, we have emergency appointments available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for acute injuries that need immediate attention and x-ray. Again, you can schedule an appointment by calling the office or online through our website.

We look forward to serving all of you in 2020. We enjoy our personal service to you with immediate access to physician care through Dr. Clark. We are also happy to provide a second or third opinion on complex orthopedic issues or indications for revision surgery. These are often complicated issues and a second opinion can be reassuring to most patients. Finally, as a reminder, we do multiple sports injuries that require nonsurgical treatment. This includes bracing, physical therapy rehabilitation, biologic injections with platelet rich plasma, and a safe return to athletic play once orthopedically and medically stable for competition. These will all be discussed and tailored to your needs after being evaluated at our office.

Again, happy new year to all of our patients and friends. We appreciate the relationships that we have developed over the last 33 years of my practice. We look forward to serving you in 2020 and encourage you to make an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Herbert R. Clark, M.D.


NWOC December Update

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season

All of the staff at Northwest Orthopaedic Clinic, a division of Proliance Surgeons, wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season this December. We hope that all of you are able to spend time with your family and friends during this special season.

We continue to work throughout the month of December. Many patients choose to have elective surgery due to their time off from work and having met their deductibles and out-of-pocket max on their insurance policies. We are usually able to accommodate patient’s needs and schedules and encourage everyone desiring surgery before year end to make appointments at your earliest convenience.

Sports Injuries during Winter

Sports injuries can continue throughout the winter months. As football season draws to a close, we start to see basketball, snow skiing and snowboard, and volleyball injuries. Again, our clinic has emergency openings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to work in acute injuries that need immediate attention and x-ray. We are able to facilitate orthopedic care and rehabilitation with early return to sports activities. You may contact our office directly or schedule online at your convenience.

Best wishes to all of our patients for a great holiday season and new year. We also wish all of our referring physicians and colleagues a wonderful holiday season and happy new year. We look forward to serving your orthopedic needs this month and in to 2020 and appreciate the many relationships that we have developed over the last 33 years of my practice.


Herbert R. Clark, M.D.

Fall Follow Up In The Northwest

As previously noted, orthopedic surgeons are extremely busy in the fall. Soccer, football, and the start of basketball are all common sports where student athletes unfortunately have injuries that need orthopedic management. My office has open clinic appointments weekly to see urgent orthopedic injuries on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Simply visit my website or call the office for a timely appointment. This avoids call centers and lengthy waiting times to be seen and evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon.

In addition, the fall season is busy for those patients that have met their deductible and out-of-pocket maximum on their insurance plans. Having elective surgery for total joint replacement is an ideal time and a financial benefit to the patient. Please be seen early to allow all for insurance clearance and scheduling, and pre operative lab test.

The fall also brings open enrolment for insurance plans. Make sure that your insurance plans include the providers that you want to access. Further, it is important to know that you may seek orthopedic care through my office even if your primary care physician refers you to an institutional practice, which historically can be difficult to access in a timely fashion. Proliance Surgeons is contracted with most major insurance carriers in the greater Seattle area which allows you to seek care through my office at your convenience.

Finally, I would like to again emphasize the quick access to my office for timely appointments, treatment and management. I am also able to facilitate timely surgery before the end of the year if that is appropriate for your situation. You may contact the office or schedule an online appointment at any time. Please let us know how we can best serve you and your orthopedic needs into the future.

Herbert R. Clark, M.D.

Fall in the Northwest

Fall has arrived in the Northwest. The days are shorter and the temperature is cooler. Universities and schools are in full session. Athletic programs are in full-swing, ski season is only a month away, and “Turkey Bowl” football training never happens.

Orthopedic sports injuries are common at this time of year. I see many student-athletes with injuries, many of which are nonsurgical management. Treatment and rehabilitation for sports injuries will be coordinated through my office at all times. Surgical management will be decided on an individual basis.

Many baby boomers and seniors also take advantage, at this time of year, to have joint replacement surgery. It is an ideal time to surgically deal with end-stage arthritis and undergo joint replacement surgery and rehabilitation in anticipation of a nonpainful joint and new lease on life. Many patients known as “snow birds” will elect to have their surgery in Seattle and then head south for the winter, where they will continue their rehabilitation process in warmer weather.

My office and staff are happy to make a timely appointment by phone, or through the internet, which fits your family and work schedule. We are dedicated to customizing your orthopedic treatment to your specific needs and communicating these treatment plans to your primary care physician. We look forward to serving you, your family and friends in the future with orthopedic needs as the healthcare environment around us continue to change yearly. My staff and I want to wish all of you a safe and healthy fall season in the beautiful Northwest.

Herbert R. Clark, M.D.

Summer in the Northwest

Nothing is better than summer in Seattle and the Northwest. The Olympic and Cascade Mountains, and Puget Sound offer numerous outdoor adventures. My desire is to keep my orthopedic patients active and hopefully pain free, to enjoy the beautiful summer.

During the summer, I often see ligament injuries or sprains, over-use tendonitis, and fractures. Some fractures require surgical fixation, while other fractures can be simply managed in a cast. Bracing for ligamentous injuries is common, along with physical therapy rehabilitation and possibly platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. These are common treatment modalities that are offered through my practice.

Many orthopedic patients elect to have total knee, total hip, or total shoulder joint replacement surgery during the summer. These patients are interested in rehabilitating their new knee, hip, or shoulder before the winter, when they spend their time in the desert. Total joint surgery can easily be scheduled within one month of being seen in my office.

My practice continues to grow every year, due to early access and convenient on-line scheduling. There are no call centers or prolonged waiting times to be seen, evaluated, and have a treatment plan implemented. Please feel free to review all of the information provided to you on my web page.

My greatest satisfaction, as an orthopedic surgeon, comes from having patients who refer their family and friends to our office for their orthopedic issues. It is a pleasure to serve patients with competent and compassionate orthopedic care. My best wishes to all of you for an enjoyable summer in Seattle and the greater Northwest region.

Herbert R. Clark, M.D.